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This edition: The Lighter Side of Science

Episode Details

Original tape date: August 23, 2011.

First aired: August 23, 2011.

On this episode of Science & U! we take a look at the lighter side of science as we talk about the movement to keep the waters of our local communities clean and safe for our families to enjoy as well as efforts to clean up the Earth. We also talk about dinosaurs the largest creatures to ever roam the Earth, the important educational lessons a potato can give and what space flight and mini golf have in common! It’s all on this episode of Science & U!

Guest List

Danny Ben-David 18 years old

Kat Burns Group Leader, Earthwatch

Jack Caswell 12 years old

Mary Fran Caswell 10 years old

Ivan Garcia Manager, West Marine Store

Michael Gilliam Host, Science & U!

Grant Greenberg Host , Science & U!

Donna Hanover Host, CUNY-TV

Allen Kurzwell Inventor

Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson Host, CUNY TV

Tim Lee Comedian

Patrick McNamara Green Vacationer

Barry Mitchell Producer, CUNY TV

Martin Murjas Program Explainer, New York Hall of Science

Mark A. Norell Chairman & Curator-in-Charge, Fossil Reptiles, Amphibians, and Birds American Museum of Natural History

Ray Ortiz Pumpout Boat Operator

Karina Padilla 6 years old

Stephen Parraga 12 years old

Carol Anne Riddell Host , Science & U!

Zhennya Slootskin V.P. and Treasurer,

Thomas Stevens Founder, Hot Sand

Jose Valez Recreational Boater

Crispin Zeeman Marketing and Design Manager, Earthwatch

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