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This edition: Kids And Science

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Original tape date: March 27, 2012.

First aired: March 27, 2012.

• Carol Anne Riddell gets up close and personal with…your nose! She’ll tell us why a sneeze is more than just ah-choo!

• Mike Gilliam explores whether medical science holds the key to stop bullying.

• Donna Hanover sits in on a weird science class with a group of very special kids.

• Lisa Beth Kovetz goes undercover --- and disappears. Invisibility…and we’re not just talking Harry Potter!

• Barry Mitchell visits a group of teen scientists and sees what they’re cooking up in the community based bio lab!

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Guest List

Michael Gilliam Host, Science & U!

Donna Hanover Host, CUNY-TV

Lisa Beth Kovetz Author

Barry Mitchell Producer, CUNY TV

Carol Anne Riddell Host , Science & U!

Laura Zimmerman

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