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This edition: Science and Pain

Episode Details

Original tape date: June 26, 2012.

First aired: June 26, 2012.

• Carol Anne Riddell explores the science behind growing pains – what’s real and shouldn’t be dismissed when it comes to your child.

• Ernabel DeMillo looks at the dangers behind over the counter pain medication and tells us about research being done on a “super” aspirin.

• Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson shows how a cosmetic procedure might be just the cure for migraine pain.

• Tinabeth Pina gets to the bottom of labor pains and the women who say you better believe they’re real!

• Lisa Beth Kovetz goes inside the courtroom and explains the science behind what pain and suffering mean when it comes to the law.

• Mike Gilliam looks at alternatives to traditional treatment for pain.

Growing Pains -

Thomas J.A.Lehman, MD

Over the Counter Medications
Theodore Bania, MD -
Dr. Khosrow Kashfi -

Labor Pains

Migraines -

Alternative Pain Treatments: Laura Lewis Mantell, MD -

Suzanne Hill -,MSc_New+York_New+York_512941

Guest List

Wendy Amstutz Experienced Growing Pains as Child

Dr. Theodore Bania Emergency Medicine Attending

MD Juline Bryson Neurologist, ST. LUKE’S-ROOSEVELT HOSPITAL

Michael Flomenhaft, Esq. The Flomenhaft Law Offices

Gillian Foreman Expectant Mom

Amina Hassan Expectant Mom

Suzanne Hill Licensed Acupuncturist

Dr. Khosrow Kashfi Associate Medical Professor, The City College of New York

Dr. Thomas Lehman Chief of Pediatric Rheumatology, Hospital for Special Surgery

Lori Botox Patient

Sally Lynch Acupuncture Patient

Laura Lewis Mantell Lifestyle Medicine

Elizabeth Stein Certified Nurse & Midwife

Tanya Wills Doula

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