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This edition: The Lighter Side of Science

Episode Details

Original tape date: July 23, 2013.

First aired: July 23, 2013.

• Carol Anne Riddell explains why a science lesson about how the body works and why is a great learning tool – and the grosser the better!
• Andrew Falzon reports on how science, math and design can actually be fun for kids.
• Mike Gilliam looks at what soap bubbles can teach kids about science.
• Donna Hanover heads to the museum – for math.
• Tinabeth Pina goes to camp – mad science camp.

For More Information:
Gross Biology
Design Zone
Mad Science
Tim Lee

Guest List

Stephen Carr 11 years old

Cindy Lawrence Co-Executive Director, Museum of Mathematics

Ana Abarca Lyman Museum Educator

David McCarthy Parent

Truck McDonald NY Hall of Science

Daniel Rick Junior Science Enthusiast

Samantha Santos 12 years old

Jatinder Singh Museum Visitor

Glen Whitney Co-Executive Director, Museum of Mathematics

Liz Wing Museum Educator

Josie Zaccoli Junior Science Enthusiast

Shane Zaccoli Junior Science Enthusiast

Cole Zamora 12 years old

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