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This edition: Science and Technology

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Original tape date: November 26, 2013.

First aired: November 26, 2013.

• Mike Gilliam looks at what we’ve learned and how far we’ve come since the ’39 and ’64 Worlds Fairs.

• Andrew Falzon goes behind the scenes at the American Museum of Natural History where cutting-edge imaging technologies are assisting scientists like never before.

• Carol Anne Riddell reports on a special program helping kids to study the technology behind rocket science.

• Dr. Max Gomez looks at how laser technology is making an impact on the medical community.

• Lisa Beth Kovetz shows us the advances being made in 3D printing.

• Ernabel Demillo explores the Google glass phenomena.

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Worlds Fair -
Picturing Science -
Lasers - -
Rocket Science - -

Guest List

Taylor Apsure Artists Technician, NYU Advanced Media Studio

Andrew Buckland Artists Technician, NYU Advanced Media Studio

Alyssa Cortez Glass Guide

Heather Dewey-Hagborg Information Artist

Irene DiGregorio Fraxel Laser Patient

Dr. Roy Geronemus Laser & Skin Surgery Center of NY

Nicole Gugliuicci Google Glass Explorer

Scott Heifetz Founder and Director, Launch Math & Science Centers

Morgan Hill American Museum of Natural History

Peter Hirshberg Technology and Innovation Expert

Dr. Bruce Katz JUVA Skin & Laser Center

Mike Majonis Tattoo Removal Patient

Dr. Martin Olsen Google Glass Explorer

Maryanne Puccia Port Wine Stain Patient

Mark Siddall American Museum of Natural History

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