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This edition: Science and Alternative Healing

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Original tape date: October 7, 2014.

First aired: October 28, 2014.

• Donna Hanover explores Integrative Medicine…what it is and why more doctors are using it to enhance and help in traditional medical treatments
• Tinabeth Pina goes old-world and explores the use of bees and leeches for some anti-inflammatory treatment and pain relief
• Andrew Falzon dips into Float Therapy to explain the therapy behind floating in an enclosed water chamber to relax
• Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson learns how a little bit of scent can go a long way to help relieve stress
• Mike Gilliam shows how the use of Reiki helps calm and relax animals and can aid in their healing

For More Information:

Integrative Medicine -
Float/Rest Therapy -

Bees and Leeches -

Aromatherapy -

Reiki for Animals -

Guest List

Nikole Apitherapist Patient

Dr. Martin Ehrlich Medical Director, Center for Health and Healing

Amy Galper Executive Directer and Founder, New York Institute of Aromatherapy

Jenny Hughes Animal Reiki Practitioner

Frederique Keller L.A.C., Apitherapist

Alicja Kolyszko Founder & President, Academy of Hirudotherapy

Denis Malyshev Leech Therapy Patient

Sue Pfeffer Animal Reiki Practitioner

Kathleen Prasad President, The Shelter Animal Reiki Association

Dr. Robert Schreyer Co-Owner, Aspire Health + Wellness

Nick Viselli Floater, Aspire Health + Wellness

Liz Wassell Animal Reiki Practitioner

Web Extras

Leeches and Fertility

Victoriya Bakcheva explains how hirudotherapy (leech therapy) can help women conceive.
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