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This edition: Science and Engineering

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Original tape date: August 3, 2015.

First aired: September 1, 2015.

This month Science & U! takes on engineering in our everyday lives with some interesting results:

Tinabeth Pina gets a lesson in physics to understand how everyday things like our TVs and cellphones work.

Donna Hanover revisits the MTA’s 2nd Avenue subway tunnel to see how far along the project has gotten.

Mike Gilliam checks in on the construction of the replacement to the Tappan Zee Bridge and talks with bridge designer Khaled Mahmoud.

Dr. Max Gomez looks at something right out of science fiction…. the mechanical exoskeleton which is helping some paraplegic patients to walk again.

Lisa Beth Kovetz visits one science classroom to see what some 11th graders can make out of littleBits, nifty new electronic circuits you snap together like Legos.

Carol Anne Riddell meets a Girl Scout troop that‘s excited about technology, not cookies.

For More Information:
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Guest List

David Capobianco Project Manager, The New NY Bridge

Brian Conybeare Special Advisor, The New NY Bridge

Alexi Feliciano Girl Scout

Calvin Grace Senior Technician, New York City College of Technology/CUNY

Michael Horodniceanu President, MTA Capitol Construction

Anna Kalishman Girl Scout

Roman Kezerashvili Chairman of Physics Department, New York City College of Technology/CUNY

Dr. Allan Kozlowski Director of Rehabilitation, Mount Sinai Hospital

Emily Layden Girl Scout

Dr. Khaled M. Mahmoud Engineer; President, Bridge Technology Consulting

Krystal Persaud Director of Product Design, littleBits

Sarah Pooley Manager, Youth Leadership & Volunteer Support, Girl Scouts of Greater New York

Gregory Schepper Paraplegic

Tatiana Serafin Troop Leader, Troop 2832

Sergio Urias Paraplegic

Michael Zitolo Science Teacher, School of the Future

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