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This edition: Science and Astronomy

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Original tape date: December 7, 2015.

First aired: January 5, 2016.

This month Science & U! is blasting off into space. Join us on a journey throughout the universe:

Donna Hanover visits the Hayden Planetarium to learn some of the basics of what's out there beyond our planet.

Carol Anne Riddell talks with retired astronaut Ron Garan about his experiences on the International Space Station.

Andrew Falzon looks for answers behind the mystery of a type of matter that can't seem to be understood, dark matter.

Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson explores the possibilities of life on Mars following the recent discovery of liquid water.

Mike Gilliam gets curious about whether we are alone in the universe and how far we'll have to go for the answer. It turns out we may not even need to leave our solar system.

Ari Goldberg brings us back to Earth to explain one of the most beautiful phenomenon in our world, the Northern Lights.

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Guest List

Rori Baldari Member, Amateur Astronomers Association of New York

Joe Delfausse Member, Amateur Astronomers Assocation of New York

Ron Garan Retired Astronaut, NASA

Jim Green Director of Planetary Science, NASA

Carey Horwitz Member, Amateur Astronomers Association of New York

Dr. Mordecai-Mark Mac Low American Museum of Natural History

Stuart McNiell Educator, Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

Michael A. Meyer Lead Scientist, Mars Exploration Program

Dr. Emily L. Rice, Ph.D. Astrophysicist; Professor, American Museum of Natural History Hayden Planetarium; College of Staten Island/CUNY

Prof. Irving K. Robbins Astrophysical Observatory Director, College of Staten Island/CUNY

Dr. Martin Weiss The New York Hall of Science

Web Extras

Saturn Moves Across The Sky

Amateur Astronomers Association member Joe Delfausse talks about Saturn in the night sky.

Citizen of the Universe

Amateur Astronomers Association member Rori Baldari discusses what astronomy means to her.

Nebula Explained

Dr. Emily Rice explains where the term "nebula" comes from and what it is used to define.

Brown Dwarfs Explained

Dr. Emily Rice explains what a Brown Dwarf is and how it differs from other stars.

Future of Space Travel

Former NASA Astronaut Ron Garan tells us his vision for the future of space travel.


Former NASA Astronaut Ron Garan recounts his experience going on spacewalks.
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