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This edition: October 2017

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First aired: October 4, 2017.

This month on Science & U!:

Video games have never felt more realistic and Lisa Beth Kovetz explores the technology behind the world of 3D animation.

A major breakthrough for veteran amputees is coming by way of electronic prosthesis. Dr. Max Gomez visits the VA NY Harbor Healthcare System to see a demonstration in which army veterans complete basic tasks with a mechanical arm they’ve been missing for decades.

There are frequent headlines regarding climate change and the large impact of increased CO2 in the atmosphere, but something that is often overlooked is the salt we put on the roads during the winter. Ari Goldberg finds out just how that salt is impacting our environment.

For many veterans, making the transition back to civilian life isn’t always an easy one. Andrew Falzon finds a unique type of therapy that helps these veterans adjust to life away from the battlefield.

Imagine creating music through science. Andy Cavatorta is an artist who uses sculpting and robotics to create sound via unique instruments of his creation.
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Salt Runoff -
Andy Cavatorta -

Guest List

Andy Cavatorta Sculptor

Talal Choudhury Developer, SMAKK Studios

Miguel Davis Veteran

Fred Downs Amputee Veteran

Christopher Fantini VA NY Harbor Healthcare System

Peter Groffman Environmental Scientist, CUNY Advanced Research

Suzy Marquard Board Chair, GallopNYC

Artie McAuley Amputee Veteran

Prof. Vinod Menon Professor, Department of Physics, City College of NY/CUNY

Dr. Justin Sanchez Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Ray Scott Veteran

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