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This edition: Season 3, Episode 3: Star Trek/Tony Stark's Lab - Vinod Menon

Episode Details

Original tape date: October 21, 2016.

First aired: December 30, 2016.

In episode #303 of Science Goes to the Movies, Dr. Vinod Menon joins the show to talk about holograms as they appear in the films of the Iron Man, Star Wars and Star Trek franchises. Star Trek character Jaylah's method of creating holograms is compared to how they're made in real life and Vinod offers a prediction on how long it will be until the technology exists to "beam" ourselves like Scotty into other physical locations (not as long as you think!). Also included: an assessment of how Iron Man's Tony Stark manipulates holograms in order to make real changes in his various inventions and Vinod reports back on his first experience with the Microsoft Hololens

Guest List

Prof. Vinod Menon Professor, Department of Physics, CIty College/CUNY Graduate Center

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