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This edition: The Quest of King Lambo ( Madagascar)

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Episode Details

In the thick forests bordering the Mangoky River, in southwestern Madagascar, live the Bara, a semi-nomadic animal-raising people. The Bara hold a number of taboos and fears concerning the wild boar, which they consider to be king of the forest. Included in this tradition is a legendary rite of passage for men who are about to become fathers.

This is the tale of Doula, a lumberjack from Betsileo country, whose wife is pregnant. She diligently follows all of the local customs to keep her baby safe and prepared to face life in the jungle. Included in those precautions is an old legend where the mother-to-be is to have the feet of a wild boar. In his quest, Doula must travel two days to meet up with Naouda, a famed boar hunter. He will use all of his survival skill and muster all of his strength to overcome his fears and prove himself worthy of being a father.
Narrator: Allan Wenger.