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This edition: Work and Respect - Domestic Workers United. Barbara Young

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Original tape date: October 20, 2016.

First aired: October 20, 2016.

“Work and Respect” is a powerful short documentary focusing on domestic workers. It describes the activist protests of immigrant women from Domestic Workers United (DWU), an organization of Caribbean, Latina, and African nannies, housekeepers, and elderly care workers in New York who aim to protect and advocate for workers rights across the United States. The film, directed by J.T. Takagi, shows their fight to win respect and justice from employers and the government, challenging exploitation and abuse, so that dignity of domestic work is honored. 10 min.

Guest List

Barbara Young National Organizer, National Domestic Workers Alliance

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Barbara Young, NDWA. Interview

National Domestic Workers Alliance's leader advocating for domestic workers' rights.