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This edition: What's Happening in Jersey City?

Episode Details

Original tape date: April 2, 2015.

First aired: April 27, 2015.

Jersey City, with New Jersey's second largest population, is expected to be in first place by 2016. New York is easily accessible allowing Jersey City to provide much of Manhattan's work force. Development is transforming formerly neglected areas into desirable locations, maintaining charm of the original buildings, adding modern structures. Rents are cheaper, too.

Panel: Eugene Paolino, Partner, Genova Burns LLC; Kevin Cummings, President & CEO, Investors Bank; Anthony J. Bastardi, Chairman & CEO, Strategic Development Group; Joel Platt, Liberty Real Estate.

Guest List

Anthony J. Bastardi Chairman & CEO, Strategic Development Group

Kevin Cummings President & CEO, Investors Savings Bank

Eugene Paolino Partner, Genova Burns, LLC

Joel Platt Attorney, Liberty Realty