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This edition: Young Friars/Entertainers Discuss Breaking into Show Biz

Episode Details

Original tape date: July 7, 2015.

First aired: August 25, 2015.

"It's such a cool job - I get paid to tell jokes!" is one response to questions like: "Why would anyone want to be an entertainer?" or "What did your parents say when you told them, and how do you find a job, and what's a manager?" Questions asked and answered, sort of, by young Friars and entertainers.

Panel: Harrison Greenbaum, comedian; Marcus Goldhaber, singer-songwriter; Jennifer Malenke, singer; Danny Bacher, singer-saxophonist.

Guest List

Danny Bacher Singer/Saxophonist

Marcus Goldhaber Singer and Songwriter

Harrison Greenbaum Stand-Up Comedian

Jennifer Malenke Actor