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This edition: Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders' View of the Market

Episode Details

Original tape date: April 19, 2016.

First aired: May 24, 2016.

Real estate investors and developers who have come together to consider the future of their industry express concern that pricing is too high. Each expects to feel more comfortable as the year goes on, urging colleagues to be disciplined, patient and "smart."

Panel: David Genova, Founding Member, Greenwood Development, LLC; Brian Cohen, Partner, Goulston & Storrs; Michael Schonbraun, Senior Principal, Square Mile Capital Management; Sam Schneider, Principal, Imperium Capital, LLC.

Guest List

Brian M. Cohen Partner, Goulston & Storrs

David Genova Founding Member, Greenwood Development, LLC

Sam Schneider Principal, Imperium Capital, LLC

Michael Schonbraun Senior Principal, Square Mile Capital Management