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This edition: Challenges and Opportunities of Working in a Family Business

Episode Details

Original tape date: August 8, 2017.

First aired: December 17, 2017.

What's it like to be employed by your father or your uncle - to work in a family business? Discussing this situation, panelists indicated their early affection for the business, their pride in achieving goals, the closeness of working with family-feeling that the "boss" has your best interest at heart.

Panelists: James Riso, Principal, The Briarwood Organization; Carolyn Malinsky, Vice President, Curbcut Urban Partners; Jessica A. Sherman, Project Manager/Affordable Housing, Douglaston Development; Spencer Levine, Director, Landscape Architecture & Site Deve, RAL Companies.

Guest List

Spencer Levine Director, Landscape Architecture & Site Development, RAL Companies

Carolyn Malinsky Vice President, Curbcut Urban Partners

James Riso Principal, The Briarwood Organization/L Riso & Sons

Jessica A. Sherman Project Manager, Douglaston Development, Levine Builders, Clinton Management