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This edition: The Residential Market in the Region

Episode Details

Original tape date: September 26, 2017.

First aired: February 25, 2018.

Residential markets are doing well all over the region. Jersey City, Westchester, northern Manhattan - are areas of interest to the millennial population, offering good transportation - the key; more affordable prices, and amenities. Co-Op Boards - many more "user friendly."

Panelists: Hal Fetner, President & CEO, Fetner Properties; James Hedden, Chief Development Officer, Rose Associates; Adam Altman, Managing Director - Partner, KABR Group. Stephen P. Wald, President, Stephen P. Wald Real Estate.

Guest List

Adam Altman Managing Director, Partner, KABR Group

Hal Fetner President & CEO, Fetner Properties

James Hedden Chief Development Officer, Rose Associates

Stephen P. Wald President, Stephen P. Wald Real Estate