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This edition: 2007 Special

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Episode Details

Original tape date: November 4, 2007.

On this special edition of Study With the Best, we’ll show you some of CUNY’s fantastic faculty and the successful students they are mentoring. You’ll visit a Biochemistry lab at Queens College, where a professor and her students are working on a cure for breast cancer, and a Bronx Community College grad who’s laying the foundation to take center stage in politics when she goes back home. You’ll be introduced to a Medgar Evers professor and her protégé. They’ve experienced a very special meeting of the minds, and you’ll enter the Sonic Arts Center at the City College of New York, where students are gaining hands on experience in audio training, and a graduate of the program who was able to achieve her dream in the music business. We’ll talk with a City College science professor and his very special student about mentoring and medicine, and we’ll visit a young Chinese immigrant who went from the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music to center stage on Broadway. You’ll learn how a journey to a country suffering the aftermath of civil war led to a design competition for architecture students at New York City College of Technology, and be introduced to a refugee from Vietnam whose study of sociology at Hunter College, proved a way of learning about American Society and about himself. And we’ll speak with a Queens College sociology professor and one of his grad students – they are another great example of CUNY’s dynamic educational duo’s.

Guest List

Prof. Richard Barrett Opera Theatre Program, Brooklyn College/CUNY

David Bauer Student, City College/CUNY

Dr. Andrew A. Beveridge Chairperson, Dept. of Sociology, Queens College/CUNY

Kevin Brown Student, Medgar Evers College

Duane Ferguson Alumnus, Lehman College/CUNY

Chanc. Matthew Goldstein Chancellor, City University of New York/CUNY

Dr. Philip Kasinitz Sociology Program, The Graduate Center/CUNY Professor

Agustin Maldonado Professor, New York City Technical College/CUNY

Prof. Elizabeth Nunez Distinguished Professor of English

Hon. Christine C. Quinn City Council Speaker

Prof. Susan A. Rotenberg, Ph.D Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Queens College/CUNY

Eugene Shenderov Brooklyn College/CUNY

Lev Shiridov 2005 Rhodes Scholar, The City College/CUNY

Cynthia Talbert Jack Kent Cooke Scholar, Baruch College/CUNY

Mia Mia Thi The City College/CUNY

Van C. Tran CUNY Alumnus, Hunter College/CUNY

William Valdez Student, New York City Technical College/CUNY

Vianora Vinca Producer/Co-Host, Independent Sources

Dr. Sheldon Weinbaum

Yolanda White Graduate Student, Sociology, Queens College/CUNY

Dr. Kathleen Williams Professor, History Department, Bronx Community College/CUNY

Prof. William Woodruff Voice Teacher, Brooklyn College/CUNY

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