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This edition: Colin Powell and CUNY

Episode Details

Original tape date: June 19, 2013.

First aired: June 30, 2013.

"This month, the news magazine show about CUNY features General Colin Powell. The retired Secretary of State and former Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff returns to his alma mater, City College, to inaugurate the Colin L. Powell Center for Leadership and Service.

Study With the Best was fortunate to grab a few minutes with him. The show will then profile Amy Gunther, proprietor of a skateboard store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and a recent graduate of Brooklyn College; watch rehearsals for a musical that four CUNY students helped create about their lives; explore the world of a deaf person and her life with her interpreter from Hunter College; and a partnership between Goldman Sachs and La Guardia Community College that is aiding small businesses."

Guest List

Ashlee Alexander Student, Member, York College, The Possibility Project

Dr. Vincent Boudreau Director, City College, Colin L. Powell Center for Leadership and Service

Demetri Bratton Student, Member, BMCC, The Possibility Project

Tom Brokaw Host/ Broadcaster, The Brokaw Files

Mario Cesario CEO, Cesar-Kai Karate Academy

Paul G. Griffin Founder & President, The Possibility Project

Amy Gunther Student, Owner, Brooklyn College, KCDC Skateshop

Alexis Lamb Student, Member, Hunter College, The Possibility Project

Daniel Levy Founder,

Peace Onyiuke Student, Member, Baruch College, The Possibility Project

Gen. Colin Powell Founder, Chair, and Distinguished Scholar, City College, Colin L. Powell Center for Leadership and Service

David Rampulla CEO, Island Adworx Advertising Inc.

Karen Romano Student, Hunter College

Jane Schulman Vice President, Adult and Continuing Education, LaGuardia Community College

Jasper Thacker-Bowell Interpreter, Hunter College Office of AccessABILITY

Web Extras

Powell: War vs Diplomacy

Gen. Colin Powell (Ret.) talks about the delicate balance between war and diplomacy.

Powell: On Elected Office

At one point Gen. Colin Powell gave serious consideration to running for public office.

Powell: Yiddish

Along with learning Yiddish came some very powerful lessons about the value of education.

Powell: Boardroom vs War Room

Gen. Powell says that the lessons learned in the boardroom and the war room are the same.

Powell: 13 Rules of Leadership

Gen. Powell talks about his 13 rules of leadership, and which rules are most important.

Diplomacy, New York Style

Gen. Colin Powell says that growing up in NY taught him how to relate and talk to people.

Powell Connects with ROTC

Gen. Powell says that joining the ROTC at CCNY brought meaning and purpose to his life.

General or Secretary Powell?

General or Secretary Powell? Andrew Falzon finds out which title Powell preferred.

Powell - Entire Interview

CUNY-TV's entire interview with Gen. Colin Powell (Ret.)
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