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This edition: Transformations: CUNY People Changing Lives

Episode Details

Original tape date: July 9, 2014.

First aired: July 27, 2014.

On this month’s show, we take a look back at CUNY people who have been transforming other people’s lives. We’ll look at a rooftop garden and a CUNY School of Law professor spearheading the effort and at Lehman College students helping build schools and an orphanage in Honduras. We’ll see a new program from swimming veteran Jane Katz geared to veterans, we’ll hear about the reinstatement of the Merit Based Scholarship Program, see a technology training program for seniors, and look at the Queens College English Language Institute.

Guest List

Michael Beck Teacher, English Language Institute, Queens College

Jennifer Borghetti Student, English Language Institute, Queens College

Rebecca Bratspies Professor, CUNY School of Law

Cara Chard Director, City Growers

Juan Cruz Lehman College

Amanda Dubois Director, Lehman L.I.F.E., Lehman College

Danielle Edwards Student, LIC High School

Immaculee Fabre Associate Processor, Lehman College

Claudia Garcia Lehman College

Donna Gruber Director, English Language Institute, Queens College

Jay Hershenson Sr. Vice Chancellor, University Relations/CUNY

Yassmine Hussein Student, Bryant High School

Thomas Kamber CUNY Graduate Center

Dr. Jane Katz John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY

Yunie Lee Student, English Language Institute, Queens College

Mark MacNaughton Associate Director, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Hon. Melissa Mark-Viverito Council Member, New York City Council, District 8

Fatima Maryam Student, Bryant High School

Amish Neupane Student, Bryant High School

Cyrille Njeking Lehman College

Sharonda Oppong Addae Lehman College

Tanesha Orridge John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Carlos Quintana Senior Trainer, Global Kids

Raphael Sevring Student, English Language Institute, Queens College

Jenny Suquilanda Lehman College

Mohammad Waqar Arshad CUNY

Olivia Wen Student, English Language Institute, Queens College

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