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This edition: CUNY Reaching Out

Episode Details

Original tape date: March 3, 2015.

First aired: March 29, 2015.

On this episode we’ll see how CUNY people are reaching out to their local, or in some cases, international communities. Brooklyn College grad Victor Calise runs a sled hockey program, while Spoons Across America teaches kids about eating healthy. Lehman L.I.F.E. recently sent students to Honduras, while Queens College is home to a robust ESL program. And finally we visit with CUNY veterans and the services provided to them.

Guest List

Adam Baumel John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Lisa Beatha CUNY Office of Veterans Affairs

Michael Beck Teacher, English Language Institute, Queens College

Jennifer Borghetti Student, Queens College

Victor Calise Alum, Commissioner, Queens College, Mayor's Office For People with Disabilities

Juan Cruz Lehman L.I.F.E.

Amanda Dubois Director, Lehman L.I.F.E., Lehman College

Immaculee Fabre Lehman L.I.F.E.

Claudia Garcia Lehman L.I.F.E.

Bill Greenberg Sled Hockey Parent, Volunteer

Donna Gruber Director, English Language Institute, Queens College

Mariette Kalinowski Hunter College

Yunie Lee Student, English Language Institute, Queens College

Ali Weisman McDowell Director of Communications, City Tech, Spoons Across America

Cyrille Njikeng Lehman L.I.F.E.

Sharonda Oppong Addae Lehman L.I.F.E.

Raphael Sevring Student, Queens College

Jenny Suquilanda Lehman L.I.F.E.

Monique Thomas Borough of Manhattan Community College

Lawrence Uebbing John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Olivia Wen Student, English Language Institute, Queens College

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