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This edition: Don Hewitt, Producer "60 Minutes"

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Original tape date: December 8, 2002.

Interviewed by senior writer/producer Morton Silverstein, Don Hewitt, creator and executive producer of CBS News' 60 Minutes for 36 years, recalls stories from the control room, including offering make-up to Richard Nixon (which he refused) in his famous debate with John F. Kennedy. The appearance is speculated to have cost Nixon the presidency. Hewitt also reflects on creating 60 Minutes as "a combination of 'High Murrow' and 'Low Murrow.'" He explains: "Harry Reasoner does the story of how they made Casablanca. That's 'Low Murrow.' We do a story on some guy who was wrongly convicted and we get him out of jail. That's 'High Murrow.'"

Guest List

Don Hewitt Producer/Director/Author, 60 Minutes

Morton Silverstein Senior Writer/Producer, Television in America