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This edition: "Newsies," the musical based on the 1992 movie, with composer Alan Menken and librettist Harvey Fierstein

Episode Details

Original tape date: May 4, 2012.

First aired: May 19, 2012.

Our focus is “Newsies”, the crowd-pleasing musical nominated for 8 Tony Awards. Joining us at our grand piano are the show's composer Alan Menken, and librettist Harvey Fierstein, who describe the popular show's incubation period and perform not only several of the show's best songs, but a couple of others that didn't make the show, including a tune from the score of the original 1992 movie of “Newsies”, that won Menken that year's "Razzie "Award for Worst Song.

Guest List

Harvey Fierstein Book Writer, “Newsies”

Alan Menken Composer, “Newsies”

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