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This edition: "The Private Life of Ethel Merman" with Tony Cointreau and James Russo, archivist of her estate.

Episode Details

Original tape date: January 27, 2012.

First aired: October 13, 2012.

The close personal friends of the late diva, now archivists of her estate, share stories and keepsakes of the incomparable star. Our guests are her longtime friends, author Tony Cointreau and philanthropist Jim Russo.

The duo recalls fun times they spent with Merman, ranging from dinners at Sardi’s to trips to the flea market. They also share memories of being with her during tragic times, including the aftermath of the heartbreaking untimely death of her daughter, Ethel Jr., the sad breakup of Merman’s marriage, and finally, the battle with brain cancer that killed her in 1984.

Cointreau and Russo also show us some of the mementos and treasures that Merman left them, including her amazing personal notebook, filled with day to day observations about her life and career, as well as her favorite recipes.

Guest List

Tony Cointreau Author

Jim Russo Philanthropist

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