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This edition: Tony Awards® Wrap-Up Show and Cornelius

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Original tape date: June 13, 2013.

First aired: June 15, 2013.

Jesse Green of New York Magazine, Michael Musto of Gawker plus, and Patrick Pacheco of the LA Times,return to review last Sunday night's Tony Awards® ceremony. They discuss the major upsets of the evening, and single out some of the TONY® broadcast's outrageous moments.

Next up, director Sam Yates and actor Alan Cox discuss Yates' production of J.B. Priestley's Cornelius, now part of Brits Off Broadway 2013 at 59E59. Written in 1935, Cornelius is a long forgotten gem by this important English writer. It deals with how worldwide depression affects the livelihoods of working people, which is very relevant to the financial climate of today.

Also on the program, AndrewAndrew reports from the Tony Awards® red carpet, talking to winners, nominees and other stars about Mayor Bloomberg's Tony Award®, Riedel's column, and the recently deceased Smash.

Guest List


Alan Cox Actor, "Cornelius"

Jesse Green Contributing Editor, New York Magazine

Michael Musto Entertainment Journalist, Gawker and

Patrick Pacheco Entertainment Reporter, Los Angeles Times

Sam Yates Director

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