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This edition: "Miss Saigon" Revival

Episode Details

Original tape date: March 3, 2017.

First aired: March 25, 2017.

Theater Talk welcomes the charming and talented lyricist/co-librettist Alain Boublil and composer/co-librettist Claude-Michel Schönberg whose masterwork of the musical theater “Miss Saigon” returns to Broadway. The creative team discusses the inspiration for the original production of the show, which is based on the opera, “Madame Butterfly,” but set at the end of the Vietnam War. They explain how they have modified the show, which first opened in New York City in 1991 (and ran for 10 years), for the new, spectacular revival.

They also look back at the beginning of their partnership when, inspired by the concept albums “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “The Who's Tommy,” they worked together to create what was the first French rock musical, “La Révolution Française” in 1973. Musicals were rarely created or produced in France at that time, so Boublil and Schönberg's work, including their smash hit “Les Misérables,” now performed all over the world, was instrumental in popularizing the modern musical form in their own country.

Guest List

Alain Boublil Librettist/Lyricist, “Miss Saigon”

Claude-Michel Schönberg Composer-Lyricist, “Miss Saigon”

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