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This edition: Nuclear Disaster and Recovery in Fukushima 

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Episode Details

Original tape date: April 6, 2017.

First aired: April 17, 2017.

On this edition of This Is America & The World, Dennis Wholey travels to Japan's Fukushima prefecture to see what life is like beyond the headlines. Dennis visits with the Governor of Fukushima, Masao Uchibori to discuss the revitalization efforts in place since the triple disaster of March 11, 2011 when the area was impacted by an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident. In addition, Dennis visits various sites throughout Fukushima to look at the ways in which life has changed over the past six years. Speaking with various guests, Dennis finds that Fukushima itself has become a location of entrepreneurship and development with the goals of rebuilding the area to benefit Fukushima and the world. The segments cover the development of robotics and other cutting edge technologies as well as the country's edible tourism in the form of a unique strawberry farm and a Samurai related festival which continues today as it has for 1000 years.