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This edition: Laura Poitras And Glenn Greenwald In Person With Edward Snowden Via Live Video

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Episode Details

Original tape date: February 12, 2015.

First aired: February 20, 2015.

When whistleblower Edward Snowden exposed the National Security Agency’s worldwide electronic surveillance program, it was to Oscar–nominated filmmaker Laura Poitras and Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Glenn Greenwald. Don’t miss this special opportunity to hear the director of CITIZENFOUR – the film nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature – the first journalist to write about Snowden’s revelations and Snowden himself (via live video) in conversation with New York Times media columnist David Carr about the film and the issues it raises. In collaboration with The New School. Taped February 12, 2015 at John L. Tishman Auditorium, University Center, The New School.

Guest List

David Carr Columnist, New York Times

Glenn Greenwald Journalist

Laura Poitras Filmmaker, “CITIZENFOUR”

Edward Snowden

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