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How to watch us on air and on cable

CUNY TV is now available as a free broadcast channel over-the-air, as well as on cable! The CUNY TV broadcast signal can be received within a 35-mile radius from Times Square, substantially expanding our audience reach into Long Island, Westchester County, New Jersey and Connecticut.

To receive us over-the-air, you'll need both:

  • a TV with a built-in digital tuner (most TV's manufactured in the last 10 years have one), or a digital over-the-air set-top box
  • an antenna, either indoor (portable) or mounted on your roof or in your attic

Hook up the antenna to the antenna input of your TV (often marked "ANT"). Your TV's setup will depend on your manufacturer and model, so consult your instruction manual, but in general:

  • use your TV (not cable or satellite) remote, change the TV's input source to "antenna" or "TV" (if you're using its built-in tuner) or to the input your digital over-the-air STB is connected to (for example, HDMI 1). Some TV's use an "input" button to select inputs; others will change to the antenna automatically when you use the channel up/down buttons or dial in a channel number.
  • in your TV's on-screen menu, start a channel auto-scan to have the TV search for new channels. CUNY TV's channel number is 25.3. Once the channel auto-scan is complete, you'll be able to tune to CUNY TV using your TV remote's channel up/down buttons, or by entering the number 25.3 directly (note, the period is sometimes indicated by a dash on some TV remote number pads).

Remember, use your TV remote (not the remote you use to change cable or satellite channels) to tune in over-the-air channels. Also note, virtually all single channels that you are accustomed to receiving on cable (2, 4, 5, 13 etc.) will have more than one digital channel (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, for instance) offering different programming on each. CUNY TV is located with WNYE's NYC life (Ch 25.1) and NYC gov (25.2) as a result of the merging of technical operations between the two stations.

Current cable subscribers will continue to receive CUNY TV in the five boroughs of New York City on Ch. 75 (Spectrum and Cablevision/Optimum), Ch. 77 (RCN) and Ch. 30 (Verizon). And you can watch CUNY TV shows on demand any time at