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Latest edition: Residential Development in the Region

Episode Details

Original tape date: March 7, 2017.

First aired: April 25, 2017.

While everybody wants to be a developer, a builder, some like rentals in Jersey City and Astoria - or mixed use in communities with restaurants and pubs, or for sales in the Rockaways. All favor areas close to transportation.

Panelists: Adam Altman, Managing Member, KABR; Scott Burman, Partner, The Engel Burman Group, Bristol Associated Living; Steven Dubb, Principal, The Beechwood Organization; Eran Polack, CEO-NY, CoFounder, HAP Investments, LLC.

Guest List

Adam Altman Managing Member, KABR Group

Scott Burman Partner, The Engel Burman Group, Bristol Associated Living

Steven Dubb Principal, Beechwood Organization

Eran Polack CEO-NY, CoFounder, HAP Investments, LLC